CloudEstuary is a team of developers that have 8 years of experience in web-development.

The initial idea of this project was to create an app that will help us to work with our client’s
apps in different environments. Our clients use a variety of different apps and clouds
(like Amazon or DigitalOcean). It is a nightmare to monitor and support all of them without a centralized
tool, especially when some of them desired to change their cloud or hosting provider

However, while we were working on this app, the idea was changed.

Now we offer a tool for PHP developers. This tool allows you with just a few clicks of a mouse to create
a Docker compose file and set up your PHP environment. It saves you tons of time and efforts as you
don’t have to set it all up from scratch.

There are still many things and features to add to our app. Eventually we want it to give our clients
the convenience of PaaS in conjunction with their own servers. This solution will be much more
cost-effective than those that are currently available in the market.

If you have any questions or feature requests, you can forward them to