Handy as PaaS, cost-efficient as your own servers

  • Create your own PHP environment for your app with our convenient editor.
  • Run this PHP environment on a server within such cloud providers as Digital Ocean, EC2, etc.
  • Deploy your code using SSH.
  • Manage your environments: add and delete services and workers, change other settings when needed.
  • Monitor your environments and servers within one control panel.
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Create your PHP environment with a few clicks

Gnerating your environments has never been easier. Use our convenient environment editor to generate a docker-compose file. Run it locally or launch it in the cloud. Stop and restart environments and servers, monitor their status from a single control panel.

Handy environment editor

Laravel or Wordpress? Redis or PostgreSQL? Select the needed options and generate your environment. Edit a running environment, all the changes will be applied on-the-fly.


Monitor the status of all your environments and servers in one signle panel. Receive email-notifications when the status changes.

Local environments

Download the docker-compose.yml file. Seamlessly run the environment with Docker on a local machine.

Run in the cloud

Link your cloud provider like AWS EC2 or DigitalOcean to your CloudEstuary account and run your environments there in one click.

Repair environment

Sometimes unexpected errors may occur to your app. E.g. your database was shut down and cannot start properly. Use Repair function to recreate your environment. All your data will be safe. No devops knowledge is required.

Toolbelt Coming soon!

You can connect CloudEstuary to your CI System and use it to create and manage your apps.

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Free of charge

Our service is in the early beta and it is absolutely free. We are going to implement premium plan till the end of 2017. We are going to offer 6 months for free for those clients who sign up before that moment. There will also be a free plan with limited capabilities.

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